About Sentul Festival 2019

Sentul Festival 2019 is driven by three lifelong learning pillars of Education, Arts & Culture, and Health & Wellness. 

The goal is to uplift and invite people from all walks of life to instil a passion for lifelong learning and share the common goal of giving back to the society. It will be held over the weekends of August 10-11 and August 17-18.

Set at Dignity for Children’s educational institution for refugees & urban poor children in Sentul Kuala Lumpur, Sentul Festival will host a series of interesting workshops, talks, and fun activities, plus a festive bazaar and live performances during the finale weekend (17th & 18th August)!

To encourage lifelong learning, the festival will allow visitors to learn how to grow edible urban gardens, practise mindfulness meditation and even learn the ropes of business strategies (to name a few) in meticulously planned workshops (80 over!) conducted by community experts across 4 days.

Think of it like a massive open day for young and old, to learn about culture and skills, build bridges with other enterprises, corporations, NGOs, and individuals, at the same time explore Sentul, and Dignity 🙂

Story behind the design

The design highlights the colour of Dignity, with bits and pieces of its location, Sentul.

From its railway, lalang grasses that grows wild in the area, hooves marks and spots symbolizing the cows and goats roaming around the area, the blocks arranged to form the letter “D” is to represent the scattered classrooms of Dignity around Sentul Boulevard along with some zig zag patterns
that comes from the breath taking structure of Capers and Fennel. And of course, some educational materials to signify the education institution for 1,760 students.

About Our Partners